DG 0005 Laced Stay-up Sheer Thigh High Stocking


Dreamgirl style 0005 Sheer thigh high with stay up silicone lace top.  (Thong not included)

  • Sheer Thigh High Stockings: These sheer thigh high stockings offer a comfortable and flattering fit.

  • Stay-Up Silicone Lace Top: The stockings feature a stay-up silicone lace top, ensuring a secure and reliable fit without the need for garters.

  • Thong Not Included: Please note that the set does not include a thong, allowing you to pair these stockings with your favorite undergarments for a personalized style.

  • Versatile and Elegant: Suitable for various occasions, these thigh highs effortlessly combine versatility and elegance, providing a stylish addition to your lingerie collection.

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