DG 0010 Dreamgirl Fence Net Pantyhose

$39.00 $49.00

Dreamgirl style 0010 Sexy fence net fishnet design to show off your legs.

  • Seductive Fence Net Design: Flaunt your legs in a sexy and provocative manner with the alluring fence net fishnet design, creating a captivating and bold look.

  • Comfortable Elastic Waistband: Experience enhanced comfort and a better fit with the soft elastic waistband, ensuring that the pantyhose stay securely in place while providing a comfortable wear.

  • Improved Fit with Spandex: The fence net incorporates Spandex for an improved fit, offering flexibility and adapting to your body's contours for a flattering and comfortable appearance.

  • Thong Not Included: This enticing pair of pantyhose does not come with a thong, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred lingerie accessories for a personalized ensemble.

  • One size fits most (41kg-73kg)

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