Dreamgirl DG 10996 Teddy

$39.00 $69.00

Dreamgirl style 10996.  Two-piece set.  Mosaic stretch lace teddy.  Open G-string back.  Adjustable criss-cross straps.  Sheer mesh maxi skirt with tie-front closure.

Mosaic Stretch Lace Teddy and Sheer Mesh Maxi Skirt Set:

  • Mosaic Stretch Lace Teddy: Features an open G-string back with mosaic stretch lace and adjustable criss-cross straps for a personalized fit.

  • Sheer Mesh Maxi Skirt: Complements the teddy with sheer mesh fabric and a tie-front closure, adding versatility to the ensemble.

  • Note on Ensemble: This two-piece set combines a mosaic stretch lace teddy and sheer mesh maxi skirt, excluding additional accessories beyond the specified features.

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